Saturday, 31 May 2014

Weekend retreat.

There is this little book of events i got last year from The Dock and i did not want to throw it away. Besides it is nicely cut, stapled together, and the paper used is good. I decided to turn it into one of my painted mini books. I cut out the lovely text from a magazine, and since a "weekend art retreat" is among the many activities i have in my plans/ideas notebook, i think i will journal this out in the coming days.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

The new emerging.

From the despair of the previous page, this figure has emerged. I did not have any inspiration nor plan as i applied paint onto the page. I liked the way she is, and i left the page without any text before going to bed. This morning, i clearly saw the message. Or did i hear it? It was very clear. The door towards transformation has always been there. All i need to do is get through that door. The flow of energy is bringing me towards that direction. There is no need to resist.  Nothing to fear. All will be well.

A space of my own.

I long for a space of my own ... my own studio where i can draw and paint small or as huge as the wall . . . where i can leave unfinished work on a workdesk undisturbed til i get back to it with renewed inspiration . . . where i can dance, laugh, cry, sing, pray, read, whatever .... whatever .... whatever is whispered to me.

What am i doing here?

The sun was up today . . . bright and colorful. Everything went fine, until all of a sudden, i just felt a bit lost. The tv noise just got to me, and i felt like my private space was invaded. I felt zapped out of my personal space. Too crowded. What am i doing here? This is not my space...

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Love is the only way.

 The texts i cut out from the pages of an old book came together in this journal page's theme. I feel so guided as i did this simple page. And it is at times like this when the random and seemingly meaningless cutting of texts off printed pages that i know there is some creative plan that is being slowly being born into a form of clear expression.

Heal the body, heal the spirit.

This particular journal is used to accompany my conscious intention to pay attention to my body. I believe that in psychoemotionalspiritual healing, one's body is very much a big part of the whole process. Ignoring the body is like solving a mystery without taking note of the obvious clues.  The body manifests symptoms which are deeply connected to psychoemotionalspiritual state.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Welcome. Have some tea.

I have cut out that picture of the lovely house last year (sorry, i cannot remember the name of the magazine). It was intended for a mini book full of tiny pictures from magazines which are inspiring to me ... something like an eye-candy for when i feel less inspired. The project was put aside as i was busy with our moving to another country. Thankfully, that piece somehow got into one of the boxes for here. Now it has found its place in this art journal.

The tea cup and saucer was a doodle on a sketchpad. I always have some paper and pen in my bag when i am up and about from one errand to another. There are always some minutes when i need to wait. That's the perfect moment for doodling!

This is now the third day of assembling elements on a page. Hmmmm, i don't know how long i'd continue art journaling like this, but so far, i am enjoying the process.

Friday, 9 May 2014

The story of my life.

Today, i put together different elements:  1)  tiny naive portrait, painted in acrylic on 360 gsm watercolor paper;  2)  a cut out from a magazine, figure of a tree; and  3)  text from an old book.

I painted this tiny naive portrait a week ago without any intention of creating it for my journal. I love it the way it is, so i did not get around to painting in some colors.

It's wonderful how the black and white theme appeared. I am truly enjoying this assembly of elements on a page. There's a bit of a mystery as to how they all come together in the end. At times, it's the color which guides you as to what to add next. At other times, it is the harmony of shapes.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Have you ever thought of going home?

Just playing with some random botanical shapes painted in black acrylic. I cut out a line from an old book's page. I had no theme in mind. I just chose the first line which gets my attention.

Pick up the habit.

Hello. I am picking up the habit of journaling, and i share you these images of one of my old art journals. I never got to finish this one, and it's in a box for storage in another country.

I create this blog to help me commit to the habit. And hopefully, by sharing my pages, i could inspire someone to get into the journaling habit, too!