Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bright and happy.

These are what's on my desk, and i am working on these small lovelies with gusto!

I want my work to exude "BRIGHT AND HAPPY"! My older works were peaceful, contemplative... but honestly, kind of depressing and boring. Ha,ha,ha! Anyway, i want something heart-spirit lifting ... something cheerful ... something which could leave a smile on someone's face.

Probably the summer feel is getting to me. The sun is blazing today! I went to walk to the Post Office and i see everyone 'drinking in' the hot rays. I, on the other hand, was trying to find shady spots on the trail and truly truly wished for an umbrella. My goodness! People would probably look at me like i am nuts. Ha,ha,ha! I think i am the only one wishing for dark clouds. Crazy, i know. But very sunny days are, for me, days to stay in. No walkabouts today. If needed, i'd rather use my car.

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