Friday, 13 June 2014

I do not know where to put myself.

I was looking at my crowded and chaotic corner of the living room where i work, and i said to myself, "I do not know where to put myself." Hmmm.... I wanted to capture that passing line to chew on a bit more for later, so i wrote it on a piece of cardboard i have salvaged from our chinese takeaway dinner last night. I love putting together different elements on a surface, and see where it brings me. There was this strip of a magazine page with a nice navy green color, so i added it on. The ink started to smudge at this point, so i covered the written text with a transparent tape. So far, i added a quick sketch of a woman. I will leave it at this point to "simmer". I know when i'd get back to it tomorrow or in a few days' time, i will have just the perfect elements to complete the process.

Yes, my dears, i said "process" ... not "artwork". I will surely enjoy the visual outcome, but i am doing these daily creative projects mainly for the "inner work".

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