Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Dare to go beyond the comfortable.

This is the first time i allowed myself to get messy. I used my fingers to paint on this spread, and i did not paint a face as i usually do. I wished to go beyond my usual approach, where it is comfortable and safe. I know there is something more that wished to be expressed from inside my heart onto these pages. This is my DARE JOURNAL. I cannot promise i will be able to share all the pages. To dare beyond the comfortable could take me to places from within which are too personal and private. It can be a very delicate and precious inner journey. There may be tears and also laughter. I want to honor the journey. But this i promise. I will share as much as i am able to, but not all. Not at the present, at least, when the unfolding is still fresh. Maybe in the future ... when a bit of time allows healing ... and there is a new degree of what is comfortable and safe.

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